Waterplan announced a strategic partnership with Kurita Water Industries. This collaboration aims to empower Kurita's Japanese customers with the technology, water data, and insights to navigate the complex landscape of water risks, ensuring business continuity and regulatory compliance. This partnership combines Waterplan's scientific and technological expertise in quantifying how water risks, ranging across scarcity, quality, flood, reputational, infrastructure, and regulatory dimensions, can impact business continuity with Kurita's water treatment technologies to provide enterprises with a comprehensive approach to achieving water security.

Key objectives of the Waterplan and Kurita partnership include: Comprehensive Understanding of Water Risks and their Financial Impact: Waterplan's technology and data equip organizations with a holistic understanding of their water risk exposure and impact across operations and supply chains, allowing for strategic resource allocation to mitigate risks effectively. By consolidating multiple data sources?from satellite imagery to local catchment conditions, facility data, streamflow, and groundwater data?Waterplan streamlines risk assessment processes, facilitating informed decision-making and targeted risk management strategies. Establishing an Effective Strategy and Attainable Water Targets: Waterplan and Kurita will assist organizations in establishing a water strategy that addresses the identified water risks, achievable region-specific water targets, and an associated implementation plan, factoring in environmental nuances and business requirements.

Compliance and Disclosure: Acknowledging the increasing importance of meeting water sustainability compliance and disclosure requirements, the partnership also streamlines reporting processes and supports companies to seamlessly navigate reporting frameworks and standards, such as TCFD, TNFD, and CDP. By combining forces, Waterplan and Kurita aspire to set new standards in water sustainability practices, empower Japanese businesses to make informed decisions, and contribute to a more resilient and responsible water future.