L3Harris Technologies announced a strategic collaboration with Accenture to accelerate its technology reinvention. The initiative, part of L3Harris' LHX NeXt transformation, is centered around building a strong digital core and establishing new ways of working that will help optimize operations and enable future growth. L3Harris will leverage Accenture's deep industry expertise and digital skills steeped in cloud, infrastructure, and application services to drive increased agility, scalability and improved user experiences.

As part of this collaboration, a portion of L3Harris' IT professionals will join Accenture, where they will benefit from industry-specific training, new technology and operational skills development. This innovation-focused, managed service approach will provide L3Harris' business operations, customers and team members with benefits including: Improved cost structure: The new governance of the IT organization will result in a consolidated, standardized and modernized IT environment with better financial management. Enhanced customer service and delivery: Customers will benefit from more innovative software, hardware, and systems as L3Harris continues to reinvest IT infrastructure and application savings back into the business.

Enriched talent experience: People in the IT organization will have access to new enterprise resources, business systems, training and tools, enabling them to do their best work.