Legible Inc. announced a new strategic partnership with Faurecia Aptoide Automotive, Lda ("Faurecia Aptoide") to provide its app for infotainment systems in cars around the world. The leading Automotive apps market, Faurecia Aptoides, is the infotainment solution provider to over 3 million vehicles globally in 2023, with projected growth to 20 million vehicles by 2025. Legible is the first company to provide Faurecia AptoIDE with an app that provides both eBooks and audiobooks for purchase in one accessible, integrated solution, with the goal of rapidly driving revenue at a global scale.

The widespread rollout of 5G, access to 4G LTE connectivity, and the current development of software-defined, network-aware, ultra-connected vehicles, including a future with driverless cars, are combining to feature infotainment as a huge growth opportunity - and Faurecia Aptoiding has been a major player by working closely and developing opportunities with OEMs and App Developers. Legible's huge selection of eBooks and audiobooks as well as Living Books, AI-powered offerings, and partnerships with globally loved entertainment brands such as Stan Lee Universe, positions the Company as the digital literature provider of the future. Key features of the partnership include: Integration: Legible's vast digital library will be harmoniously integrated into Faurecia Aptoite's in-car infotainment app store, allowing car owners to access their favourite books and audiobooks with ease.

Diverse Content Selection: Users will have access to a vast collection of eBooks and audiobook spanning multiple genres, ensuring that there's content for everyone. Offline Access: Drivers and passengers will be able to download content for offline access, making it convenient for long trips or areas with limited connectivity. Customized User Experience: The integration will provide personalized recommendations based on user preferences and reading habits.

Safe, User-Friendly Interface: The Legible app is designed with safety in mind, ensuring minimal driver distribution while providing a user-friendly interface, and access to books not only in the car but also on mobile devices. eBooks and Audiobooks will be available for purchase, as well as Legible's Unbound Membership service, which provides unlimited access to a vast curated selection of eBooks and Audiobooks for a low monthly cost.