Business description: Leidos Holdings, Inc.

Leidos Holdings, Inc. specializes in the provision of engineering, technological and scientific services. Net sales by business segment break down as follows:

- defense (56.6%): design, engineering and integration of technological solutions for intelligence, airborne surveillance and reconnaissance, maritime and land-based solutions, electronic warfare systems, and automated sensor, alarm, command and control systems, software development, cyber security solutions and data processing and analysis solutions, IT infrastructure development and integration, etc.;

- civil security (23.7%): development and integration of solutions for the protection of goods, data and digital information, solutions and systems for air traffic flow control and flight data management, vehicle and cargo inspection, explosives and radiation detection, computer security, environmental management, nuclear security, complex logistics management, etc.;

- health (19.7%): integration of complex systems and technological infrastructures for the management of data, medical information and electronic health records, provision of healthcare services, IT systems lifecycle management, research and development of biopharmaceuticals, etc.

Net sales by market are divided between the US Department of Defense and the intelligence community (49.4%), government agencies (37.4%) and commercial customers (13.2%).

The United States accounts for 91,4% of net sales.

Number of employees: 47,000

Sales by Activity: Leidos Holdings, Inc.

Fiscal Period: December20192020202120222023

Defense Solutions

5.37B 7.34B 8.03B 8.24B 8.73B


3.73B 2.99B 3.16B 3.46B 3.66B


2B 1.96B 2.55B 2.69B 3.04B
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Geographical breakdown of sales: Leidos Holdings, Inc.

Fiscal Period: December20192020202120222023

United States

10.1B 11.19B 12.47B 13.1B 14.02B


876M 1B 1.15B 1.19B 1.32B
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Managers: Leidos Holdings, Inc.

Insider TitleAgeSince
Compliance Officer - 07-12-31
Chief Tech/Sci/R&D Officer - 16-02-07
General Counsel - 17-10-29
Corporate Officer/Principal 58 -
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Members of the board: Leidos Holdings, Inc.

Insider TitleAgeSince
Director/Board Member 69 97-03-31
Director/Board Member 70 13-09-26
Chairman 68 13-09-26
Composition of the Board of Directors

Shareholders: Leidos Holdings, Inc.

Vanguard Fiduciary Trust Co.
11.31 %
15,296,859 11.31 % 2 232 M $
BlackRock Advisors LLC
9.118 %
12,328,043 9.118 % 1 798 M $
5,489,443 4.060 % 801 M $
Victory Capital Management, Inc. (Investment Management)
3.041 %
4,111,528 3.041 % 600 M $
Wellington Trust Co., NA
2.823 %
3,816,476 2.823 % 557 M $
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Company details: Leidos Holdings, Inc.

Leidos Holdings, Inc.

1750 Presidents Street

20190, Reston

+571 526 6000
address Leidos Holdings, Inc.(LDOS)

Group companies: Leidos Holdings, Inc.

NameCategory and Sector
Information Technology Services
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Other IT Services & Consulting

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Change 5d. change 1-year change 3-years change Capi. ($)
-3.12%-1.13%+64.39%+41.04% 20.95B
-0.50%+1.13%+4.41%+3.15% 207B
+0.09%+3.06%+27.85%+34.03% 186B
-0.04%-0.96%+32.45%+30.20% 169B
-0.50%+0.52%+3.96%+19.90% 102B
-0.16%+6.25%+37.73%+15.31% 90.91B
-0.85%-1.86%+33.51%+68.54% 84.39B
-3.99%-30.05%+71.07%-4.02% 65.43B
-0.92%+0.90%+41.98%+59.33% 51.69B
-5.26%-7.77%-28.58%-52.58% 44.4B
Average -1.22%-1.46%+28.87%+21.49% 102.15B
Weighted average by Cap. -0.31%-0.29%+24.61%+22.14%
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