Lexaria Bioscience Corp. announces it has granted a new global, exclusive license to use DehydraTECH technology to SulfoSyn Limited ("SulfoSyn"). The exclusive license granted to SulfoSyn is for all non-pharmaceutical uses of sulforaphane world-wide, including SulfoSyn's ability to sub-license these rights.

These non-pharmaceutical uses include but are not limited to supplements, additives, foods, dietary ingredients, and more. An up-front cash payment has already been received, minimum future payments have been agreed to, and ongoing royalty payments will be generated when they are in excess of the minimum payments. As part of a broader agreement between the two companies, Lexaria is also being contracted to perform certain DehydraTECH-related manufacturing operations at its US partner facility on behalf of SulfoSyn for an initial term of 2 years.

These manufacturing operations are expected to result in an increase in revenue to Lexaria, the amount of which cannot be forecasted at this time.