LightPath Technologies, Inc. announced availability of a new camera that utilizes its innovative Mantis Camera architecture, designed for long distance imaging. LightPath's Mantis?? camera systems provide a unique multispectral imaging capability, enabling users to image simultaneously across a wide range of wavelengths that span mid (MWIR) and long (LWIR) wave bands (2um to 12um).

LightPath announced the initial availability of a short-range detection MANTIS camera in December 2022 and has since partnered with customers to develop new iterations to cover additional uses in multiple verticals. The new long-range MANTIS utilizes LightPath's proprietary BlackDiamond?? infrared materials to create a camera system with high magnification that is color-corrected for both MWIR and LWIR.

Imaging across MWIR and LWIR previously required two separate cameras but the dual-band nature of the camera enables it to collect a much stronger thermal signal compared to standard cameras that are LWIR or MWIR only. Hot objects emit a signature across the entire range of infrared wavelengths. While a standard Long Wave Infrared camera captures the portion of the object's thermal signature emitted only in the wavelengths of 8-12um, the Mantis??

camera can capture the entire infrared signature, resulting in a much brighter image of the object of interest. The resulting images will have a higher signal-to-noise ratio and enable a longer detection distance, as seen in the example of an airplane's engine in the comparison image below. The camera with the new long-distance optics undergoing tests by key customers and is available for immediate shipment.