Linde plc (NasdaqGS:LIN) is looking for acquisitions. Sanjiv Lamba, Chief Executive Officer, during the First Quarter 2024 Earnings Call and Webcast, said "we are very committed to tuck-in acquisitions anywhere in the world. And to your point, network density is what guides that decision for us to be able to bring a tuck-in acquisition, enhance our network density and actually move that business forward is how we see a good growth opportunity.

As you know, in the U.S., we have a track record of doing many of these. The last one that we did, which was which is large enough, I would argue, is nexAir, it's proven to be tremendously successful, looking really good as we integrate that business into Southeast U.S., and that's a very attractive market in which to do that. So again, a good example where I think that acquisition has worked really well for us.

We look at that across the board. So we are obviously continuing to pursue such opportunities in the U.S. They are tuck-in acquisitions. We recognize that a very large acquisition is not doable for regulatory reasons, et cetera, that you've mentioned.

But we're also looking for a similar model elsewhere in the world, and we will explore that in Asia, in Australia, China, in large parts of Eastern Europe, Middle East, and even in Western Europe, where we can get a tuck-in acquisition opportunity".