LPP proposed a dividend payout in the total amount of PLN 610 (EUR 141.8) per share. The amount of the advance payment is to be PLN 285 (EUR 66.2) per share. As stated, the total dividend amount will depend on the number of shares on the dividend day.

According to their current number, the dividend will total over PLN 1.13 billion (EUR 262.6 million). An advance payment of PLN 528.7 million (EUR 122.9 million) is to be made. According to the management board's proposal, the dividend day is October 11, 2024 and the dividend payment date is October 30, 2024.

The advance dividend would be paid on April 30, 2024 and the list of shareholders entitled to it would be determined as at 23 April 2024. This means that an amount of PLN 285 per share would go to shareholders on April 30, 2024 and PLN 325 per share on October 30, 2024. Previously, LPP stated that the advance dividend would be at PLN 285 and the board would recommend a total dividend of at least PLN 570 per share.