Macromill, Inc. has launched "AccessMill Connected" a service designed to facilitate the cross-media measurement of advertising effectiveness between YouTube ads and TV commercials. AccessMill Connected will optimize media planning across YouTube and TV. With one of the consumer panels in Japan and high quality as standard, Macromill is ideally placed to deliver detailed analysis of campaign effectiveness.

The company has 230,000 panelists for YouTube ads and 30,000 for cross-media measurement. The scale and high quality of the Macromill panel enables detail analysis of campaign effectiveness. Privacy law changes have created the need for a sustainable way to measure advertising effectiveness after the phasing outs of third-party cookies and identifiers as a conventional ad measurement method.

In December 2023, Macromill was certified by Google as a third-party measurement partner for YouTube ad brand lift and began providing YouTube ad effectiveness measurement solutions (*1). Today, with the cooperation of Google, Macromill has launched "AccessMill Connected" to provide cross-media measurement of advertising effectiveness between YouTube ads and TV commercials. Cross-media measurement of YouTube and TV ad effectiveness: As a Google-certified YouTube third-party measurement partner, the ad effectiveness measurement solution uses the Google Ads Data Hub (ADH).

This allows advertisers to measure the advertising effectiveness of YouTube ads and TV commercials in a cross-media way, without relying on third- party cookies or ad identifiers. The solution was developed with the cooperation of Google. Measurement on all devices including connected TV: The solution can measure a wide range of devices, including smartphones, PCs, tablets, and connected TVs, which are in high demand.

Event log-based measurement: Only third-party measurement partners of "Google Ads Data Hub" (ADH) can measure at the event log level (user actions). This cannot be measured by general analysis tools. The largest panel in Japan.

30,000 panelists for cross-media and 230,000 panelists for YouTube: Based on Macromill's consumer panel network of approximately 36 million people, the company is uniquely positioned to measure ad campaigns with the largest number of people in Japan. Detailed data analysis by demographic, device, and frequency is possible, allowing for an in-depth understanding of campaign effectiveness. In addition, measurement can be conducted from only 1.2 million impressions perfect for evaluating specialized short-term campaigns for or specific targets.

Optimization of ad planning through precise effectiveness verification: Macromill offers support for cost-effective media planning through optimal ad planning based on effectiveness measurement results.