Mahindra & Mahindra Limited at its Meeting held on 16th May, 2024 approved Recommendation of a Dividend of INR 21.10 (422%) per Ordinary (Equity) Share of the face value of INR 5 each. The Register of Members and Share Transfer Books of the Company will remain closed for payment of Dividend and AGM from 6th July, 2024 to 31st July, 2024 (both days inclusive). The Dividend on Ordinary (Equity) Shares for the year ended 31 March 2024, as recommended by the Board of Directors and as may be declared at the AGM, will be paid/dispatched after 31st July, 2024 to those Shareholders or their mandates: Whose names appear as Beneficial Owners as at the end of the business hours on 5th July, 2024, in the list of Beneficial Owners to be furnished by National Securities Depository Limited and Central Depository Services (India) Limited in respect of the shares held in electronic form; and Whose names appear as Members in the Register of Members of the Company as at the end of the business hours on 5th July, 2024, after giving effect to valid request(s) received for transmission/transposition of shares and lodged with the Company/its Registrar & Share Transfer Agents on or before 5th July, 2024.