Masimo and Denon unveil the latest evolution of its acclaimed Denon PerL? and Denon PerL Pro? True Wireless earbud lineup with the introduction of White PerL.

Denon PerL represents the epitome of personalized audio listening. The two Denon PerL models are engineered with Masimo?s proprietary Adaptive Acoustic Technology? (AAT?) to deliver the only earbud that puts hearing personalization at the forefront of the listening experience.

Masimo AAT works by detecting an individual?s inner ear response from carefully curated sound frequencies sent into the ear canal and then creating a custom hearing profile based on each individual?s hearing sensitivities ? helping to enhance sound depth, detail, and clarity for a superior listening experience. Masimo?s AAT has raised the bar to new heights for personalized audio.

By harnessing Masimo?s expertise, Denon PerL goes beyond conventional audio tuning, ensuring that each user?s unique hearing profile is fully understood. Your Music Tuned Your Way: From person to person, hearing differences impact the listening experience. Denon PerL with Masimo AAT automatically tunes the sound based upon each individual?s inner ear response to enhance sound depth, details, and clarity for a supreme personalized listening experience.

The Denon PerL Headphone app for iOS and Android simplifies the creation of your personalized hearing profile through a step-by-step adjustment process. The app also allows you to adjust listening settings and change your bass and treble equalization preferences while still using your optimized hearing profile. Elevating the Audio Experience with Denon?s Legacy of Excellence: Drawing from over a century of audio mastery, Denon ensures that both PerL models embody the brand?s signature sound superiority.

By combining the brand?s renowned signature spacious and vivid sound with Masimo?s cutting-edge technology, Denon PerL offers unmatched depth, detail, and clarity every session. Unparalleled Versatility and Functionality: In addition to personalized sound, the Denon PerL earbuds boast an array of features designed to adapt to the user?s lifestyle seamlessly. One of the problems with many earbuds is that they easily fall off the ear.

This problem has been substantially reduced due to Denon PerL?s unique mechanical design. Whether immersing oneself in music with active noise cancellation or staying connected to the surroundings with social mode, Denon PerL has features to accommodate a variety of lifestyles. Enjoy advanced functions with Denon PerL Pro such as spatial audio, which creates a more immersive surround sound atmosphere in a compact and comfortable format, and adaptive active noise cancellation that dynamically adjusts to each user?s environment.

Discover the power of truly personalized listening, as Denon redefines the audio experience. The new color of Denon PerL and Denon PerL Pro is now available at for $199 and $349, respectively.