Ilya Sutskever, chief scientist and co-founder of OpenAI, is preparing to leave the company. His departure, expected by some following his attempts to depose Sam Altman, raises questions about the timing. Away from the board since last autumn, Sutskever had been a major player in this tumultuous period.

Despite his initial vote against Altman, which almost led to a collective resignation within the group, he subsequently expressed regret. Since then, he has kept a lower profile, leaving the board but retaining an official role, until recently announcing his departure to explore new horizons.

A renowned researcher, inducted by Elon Musk, Sutskever has recognised the remarkable progress made by OpenAI, while insisting on the importance of security, a point of friction with Altman. Today, he seems convinced of the company's sound management of security and ready to turn the page, confident in the company's trajectory.

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