March 13 (Reuters) - ChatGPT users will get access to French and Spanish news content from Le Monde and Prisa Media, Microsoft-backed OpenAI said on Wednesday, disclosing its partnership with the media publications.

The content will also be used to train generative artificial intelligence models, it said amid growing popularity of the technology and its influence across various sectors.

"Our partnership with OpenAI is a strategic move to ensure the dissemination of reliable information to AI users, safeguarding our journalistic integrity and revenue streams in the process," Le Monde CEO Louis Dreyfus said.

Last year, global news publisher Axel Springer and the Associated Press had signed deals with OpenAI to explore the use of generative AI in news.

But at the same time, news publications are grappling with issues such as copyright infringement and fair compensation when their content is used to train large language models.

The New York Times had sued OpenAI and Microsoft last year, accusing them of using millions of the its articles without permission.

News organizations such as the Intercept, Raw Story and AlterNet had also sued OpenAI in a New York federal court last month, accusing it of misusing their articles to train the AI system behind ChatGPT. (Reporting by Jaspreet Singh in Bengaluru; Editing by Shilpi Majumdar)