Tech stocks took a tumble after earnings from big players in artificial intelligence delivered quarterly results that failed to impress.

Google and Microsoft have faced surging costs for servers, data centers and research.

That's irked investors.

In all, AI-related stocks saw $190 billion wiped off their market value.

China has approved more than 40 AI models for public use over the past six months.

Big names including Xiaomi are among those to get a green light.

Beijing has been requiring firms to get approval since August, aiming to keep a close eye on the tech.

U.S. watchdogs are taking a closer look at AI deals.

The Federal Trade Commission has ordered tech giants Microsoft, Alphabet, Amazon and Anthropic to hand over details on tie-ups with AI firms and cloud service providers.

Regulators are worried that the new tech is being dominated by a few big players.

Visitors to the Paris Olympics this summer will get a helping hand from AI.

The city's public transport network is providing staff with AI-supported translation devices.

They can interpret 16 different languages and will stay in use after the Games wrap up.

And after profits fell by a third over the latest quarter, Samsung is hoping the expansion of AI can help drive a revival for its memory chips and tech.

Cutting-edge chips and server products for AI are among its priorities for the coming year.

Samsung is hoping to catch up to its local rival, SK Hynix, which is also banking on chip prices improving.