Microsoft and Nvidia are under the spotlight in the United States, with the authorities launching antitrust investigations into their practices, particularly in the field of artificial intelligence (AI). These investigations are taking place against a backdrop of fears that major technology companies are carving out a monopoly on AI, as has happened in the past with the Internet and mobile telephony.

Atypical transactions, such as Microsoft hiring all of Inflection's employees before paying for a technology licence, have raised questions about possible attempts to circumvent antitrust regulations.

The Biden administration, which has made the fight against monopolies a central element of its economic policy, could find itself at a turning point. The forthcoming elections could reshape the American regulatory landscape. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC), now headed by Lina Khan, is leading the investigation into Microsoft, which could worry the company, historically more inclined to collaborate with the Department of Justice.

These investigations could dampen companies' appetite for new deals, prompting them to err on the side of caution and seek legal advice before any M&A operation. As the AI industry prepares for increased scrutiny, the extent and effectiveness of this regulatory oversight remains uncertain.

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