Mips AB (publ) (OM:MIPS) will look for acquisitions. Max Strandwitz Chief Executive Officer said during the Second Quarter Report 2023, "I think, I mean, we are investing ourselves into the future because, of course, we see a really relevant market to address. But we can never invest to fight the consumer trend because, of course, what we're seeing at the moment has actually nothing to do with MIPS.

And if you actually look versus competition, we are outperforming the market and so on. So there, we're more saying like we see a long-term ambition in bike which we share with most companies in the industry, and that's what we are investing for. But that's more long-term investment.

I think, I mean, we are scanning the market for acquisitions if there is interesting things to acquire. Of course, what you see at the moment, most of the open targets that are out there, a lot of them need refinancing, and they need refinancing, of course, for a good reason. It is a challenging market.

And of course, what we are looking at as a company is more something that we will complement at our offering. If we find something interesting and that will complement our offering or strengthen our delivering versus the strategy we have set up, we would be really interested, at the moment but there is nothing big that we see that we can acquire at the moment, and we'll really do that".