Mithra Pharmaceuticals SA announced the termination of the management agreement with David Horn Solomon as CEO and his replacement by Christophe Maréchal and Xavier Paoli as co-CEOs. As announced, Mithra will commence a monetization process involving the sale of various selected assets of Mithra and/or the business as a whole (the "Monetization Process"). Concurrent therewith, the board of directors decided that a change in Mithra's management was needed.

Therefore, Mr. Solomon?s1management agreement was terminated with immediate effect. To lead Mithra from now on, the board of directors has decided to appoint Christophe Maréchal and Xavier Paoli as co-CEOs pending the implementation of the Monetization Process. Christophe Maréchal has been Chief Financial Officer (CFO) at Mithra since the beginning of 2017.

With more than 20 years of experience in international finance in the industrial, telecommunications, manufacturing, and banking industries, he has strong skills in operational, financial, and commercial strategy. Xavier Paoli has been Chief Operating Officer (COO) at Mithra since September 2023. Xavier Paoli has a 20-year international career in the biotech and biopharmaceutical industry, with deep experience and knowledge of the full biotech value chain from fundraising to commercialization.

Already involved in the day-to-day management of Mithra and in all its strategic and operational decisions, with the support of the board of directors and the entire management team, Christophe Maréchal2 and Xavier Paoli have all the expertise required to take over as co-CEOs of Mithra.