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Launch of MUFG KOGEI Project

Tokyo, August 22, 2023-MUFG today announced the launch of a new project to support the inheritance of Japanese traditional craft ('kogei') culture and techniques and to find and spread inspirations in tradition that can be applied innovatively in an era of change.

MUFG KOGEI Project[1] is part of MUFG's efforts to address issues facing all stakeholders, including society and customers, concomitant with MUFG's purpose of empowering a brighter future.

The project will encompass a range of planned initiatives, detailed below, that include empathizing with the preservation of craft culture and techniques and hosting and sponsoring exhibitions.

Starting with the exhibition of craft works at our own facilities with the theme of "Tradition and Innovation," held in August 2023, we will conduct various activities such as the development of craft culture and industry and the holding of events and seminars to support both artisans and users.

  1. Project background

One of the priority areas in which MUFG actively engages in social contribution activities is the preservation and succession of culture. As a comprehensive financial group based in Japan with global operations, MUFG hopes to sustain Japan's rich culture-for the next generation, for society, and for the planet.

Kogei, or craft, is the origin of Japanese manufacturing, and its methodologies may contain valuable pointers to a sustainable future. The theme for MUFG KOGEI project is Tradition and Innovation.

This project supports the creation of opportunities for craftspeople to innovate and take on challenges, as well as opportunities for interaction between artisans and users, while conveying to a broad audience the new value and appeal of craft that emerges from these opportunities.


Mr. Yuji Akimoto, professor emeritus of Tokyo University of the Arts who has been appointed as the general supervisor of the project, comments, "The Japanese are a people of manufacturing, and craft lies at the heart of this creative endeavor. Throughout its long history, the nation has given birth to countless innovative ideas and techniques through the creation and application of craft materials, from natural materials to cutting- edge technologies.

"MUFG KOGEI Project will continue and develop Japan's carefully nurtured philosophy of manufacturing, and connect it to the future. Our hope is that by highlighting the appeal of craft, including its alignment with sustainability and eco-friendliness and its unique characteristic of being both global and local, we will fuel new initiatives and innovation."

  1. Planned activities

This year, we plan to focus on the following activities. We will continue to develop the next generation of craftspeople and organize educational activities and workshops for a wide range of users.

  • Traveling exhibits at MUFG facilities throughout Japan
    Starting with an exhibition in the lobby of the headquarters building in Marunouchi, Tokyo, on Tuesday, August 22, a traveling exhibition of craft works by up-and- coming craft artists will be held at MUFG facilities and related facilities across Japan. In addition, we will also consider exhibitions abroad.
  • Support for craft exhibitions in Japan
    MUFG will sponsor and support three craft exhibitions to be held this year: GO FOR KOGEI [2], Art Collaboration Kyoto [3], KOGEI Art Fair Kanazawa2023 [4]. (Please refer to exhibition websites for details.)
    • Collaborate with organizations engaged in the preservation and inheritance of craft culture and skills
      MUFG plans to collaborate with various organizations that are engaged in the protection and cultivation of traditional Japanese crafts and promote projects related to the preservation, succession, and public display of intangible cultural heritage (craft techniques).
  1. MUFG KOGEI Project:

  2. Art Collaboration Kyoto:
  3. KOGEI Art Fair Kanazawa2023


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