Caffrey's launches its first digital marketing campaign - on Spotify

  • Caffrey's creates a series of exclusive radio shows, hosted by Alex Zane and Pete Donaldson
  • The premium Irish ale brand leverages Spotify's catalogue of 18 million songs and its open API

Caffrey's Irish Ale today launches its first digital campaign, on music service Spotify. The campaign uses Spotify's API to create four branded, user-generated radio shows, co-presented by broadcasters Alex Zane and Pete Donaldson, which will be available exclusively on Spotify.

Following the recent announcement of Caffrey's rebrand and repositioning, the campaign supports the new tagline 'Redefining Smooth' by creating exclusive radio shows on Spotify, featuring redefined classic songs.

From today, users of Spotify's free service will see and hear display ads, audio ads and homepage takeovers which will direct them to Caffrey's campaign site. Here they can vote on their favourite 'redefined' songs - whether they are covers, musical mash-ups, or samples. The most popular songs nominated will be featured on one of the Caffrey's Redefined Classics radio shows.

Spotify users can listen to, subscribe and share the hour-long radio shows with their friends on Facebook. The first show will available exclusively on Spotify from 14th May and can be found by clicking on adverts within Spotify or by searching for 'Caffrey's' in the Spotify search bar.

Jack Milligan, Brand Partnerships Director at Spotify said: "This campaign uses Spotify's huge catalogue of over 18 million songs as well as providing entertaining branded content that you can hear only on Spotify. Giving users the chance to vote on tracks to be included in the shows is a fantastic way to leverage the level of engagement that music generates."

Duncan Emmerson, Senior Brand Manager - Ales, at Molson Coors, commented: "We're repositioning the Caffrey's brand to attract a lost generation of smooth ale drinkers, and so it's a great time to push the marketing activity into the digital and social space.  This Spotify campaign will play a big part in modernizing the brand by inviting consumers to interact with Caffrey's on Spotify by voting for classic songs Redefined for a new generation. These will then be played on exclusive Radio Shows hosted by Alex Zane and Pete Donaldson" 

Last month, Caffrey's launched a new marketing campaign under the tag line 'Redefining Smooth', focused on print advertising.


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