Virtuozzo has announced a strategic Database-as-a-Service (DBaaS) partnership with MongoDB. Under the partnership, the latest versions of MongoDB are newly available to enterprises with full automation enabled by Virtuozzo Application Platform, Virtuozzo?s Platform as a Service solution. Virtuozzo is now a part of the Certified by MongoDB DBaaS program and can offer MongoDB to its service provider customers through Virtuozzo Application Platform.

Virtuozzo?s platform can automate provisioning, clustering, scaling, updates and backups, enabling service providers to combine that with their own managed services to create full Database-as-a-Service (DBaaS) solutions. This gives enterprises access to automated MongoDB, and a wide range of other applications, on cost-effective, sovereign cloud infrastructure. Software companies, systems integrators and other enterprises can also use Virtuozzo Application Platform on-premises, to automate MongoDB across private cloud locations.

Key benefits of MongoDB management with Virtuozzo include: On-Premises or Cloud-Based Deployment: run automated MongoDB management platform on your choice of infrastructure - Automated Database Provisioning: install pre-packaged MongoDB via the Virtuozzo UI, CLI, or API, easily creating the desired database topology without manual configuration - High Availability: support continuous data availability using automatically provisioned replica set clusters with best-practice settings for redundancy, failover, and uptime - Easy Scalability: use load triggers and auto-discovery to add database nodes on demand in response to traffic fluctuations - Seamless Updates: enable automated updates to keep database clusters up to date and secure, with minimal disruption to operations - Secure Backups: enable automated backup for additional data protection and seamless recovery of MongoDB data - Access Control: assign different access levels to users for collaboration while maintaining secure MongoDB management - Cost Optimization: run containerized MongoDB for efficient, high-density infrastructure utilization, with built-in automation to streamline operations, allowing your team to focus on business-oriented tasks.