All diesel-powered ground vehicles and machinery at Amsterdam's Schiphol airport will begin using Neste MY Renewable Diesel this month, the Finnish refiner said Tuesday in a press release.

The airport has about 1,900 ground-handling diesel vehicles from standard cars, vans, pushback tractors and trucks to more-specialized ground support like pallet or container loaders, catering high-lifts, aircraft fuel dispensers and passenger steps.

Neste's fuel is being provided to KLM Equipment Services, the fuel supplier for all vehicles and machinery at the airport, via EG Group, Neste's distribution partner.

About 40% of the motorized equipment at the airport now runs on electricity, according to KES, but that number will increase over the coming years.

"However, for a number of specialist heavy vehicles, it is a technical challenge to develop a battery with sufficient capacity that can also be charged quickly enough," Paul Feldbrugge, who is responsible for the Zero Emission Program at KES, said in a statement. "Using Neste MY Renewable Diesel is therefore a good solution."

Neste said that its renewables production capacity will increase to 5.5 million metric tons by the end of 2023 and to 6.8 million metric tons by the end of 2026.

Neste on Friday said it closed on an acquisition announced in November of U.S.-based Crimson Renewable Energy Holdings LLC's used cooking oil collection and aggregation business and related assets on the U.S. West Coast.

Through the transaction, Neste said, it acquired "a leading UCO collection and recycling business ... covering the collection, logistics and storage of UCO in California, Oregon and Washington."

"We are strengthening our presence and operations in the United States and on the U.S. West Coast, which is an important market for servicing our customers and the location for our joint venture for renewable diesel production in Martinez, California."

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