NetApp announced cyber-resiliency capabilities that will equip customers to better protect and recover their data in the face of ransomware threats. NetApp is one of the first to integrate artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) directly into enterprise primary storage to fight ransomware in real-time. The NetApp cyber-resiliency capabilities protect both primary and secondary data for organizations whether it is stored on-premises or in the cloud.

Cybercriminals are increasingly aiming ransomware attacks at critical infrastructure and supply chains where operational disruptions can cost millions of dollars, according to Forrester. As a result, 87% of C-suite and board-level executives ranked ransomware as a high, or the top, priority for their organization, according to the NetApp 2023 Data Complexity report. When cybercriminals breach perimeters, networks, and identities storage becomes the last line of defense for organizations?

most critical data. With the threat of ransomware looming, organizations need solutions that not only protect their data but also quickly recover lost data and return to normal operations. NetApp is updating its cyber-resiliency solutions and leveraging the power of AI to give customers confidence that their data will be safe and accessible when they need it.

NetApp is focused on designing data storage and management systems that maximize data protection and security while meeting data governance and compliance standards, with new updates that include: ONTAP Autonomous Ransomware Protection with Artificial Intelligence (ARP/AI) will spearhead the next generation of real-time enterprise storage ransomware protection, giving increased accuracy and performance required to detect and mitigate new, more sophisticated cyber threats. NetApp pioneered autonomous real-time detection of ransomware directly in primary enterprise storage three years ago. Now, NetApp will be leading the charge to use adaptive AI/ML models built directly into enterprise primary storage to look at file-level signals in real-time to detect even the newest ransomware attacks with planned 99%+ precision and recall.

NetApp will be offering the first technology preview of ARP/AI within the next quarter. NetApp BlueXP Ransomware Protection, now in public preview, provides a single control plane to intelligently coordinate and execute an end-to-end, workload-centric ransomware defense. Customers can now identify and protect critical workload data with a single click, accurately and automatically detect and respond to a potential attack, and recover workloads within minutes, safeguarding their valuable data and minimizing costly disruption.

Application-Aware Ransomware Protection via NetApp SnapCenter 5.0 offers immutable ransomware protection for applications. SnapCenter will now apply NetApp's leading ransomware protection technologies, previously used with unstructured data, to application-consistent backup. SnapCenter 5.0includes support for key ONTAP features like tamperproof Snapshot copy locking, SnapLock protected volumes, and SnapMirror Business Continuity to enable more robust data protection for applications and virtual machines.

SnapCenter 5.0 supports protection of applications on-premises with NetApp AFF, ASA, and FAS, as well as in the cloud. NetApp BlueXP Disaster Recovery, now generally available, offers seamless integration with VMware infrastructure and provides storage options for both on-premises and major public cloud environments. This comprehensive solution eliminates the need for separate standby disaster recovery (DR) infrastructure, reducing costs.

With NetApp BlueXP disaster recovery, failover and failback processes are simplified, allowing smooth transitions from on-premises VMware infrastructure to the public cloud or to an on-premises data center. NetApp Keystone Ransomware Recovery Guarantee extends NetApp?s current Ransomware Recovery Guarantee to leading storage-as-a-service offering, NetApp Keystone. With this guarantee, NetApp will warrant snapshot data recovery in the event of a ransomware attack.

If snapshot data copies can?t be recovered through NetApp, The company will offer compensation. The latest cyber resiliency updates from NetApp empower organizations to proactively address cybersecurity threats in complex hybrid and multicloud environments, leveraging AI to identify threats and prevent disruptions to their operations.