Neuronetics, Inc. announced significant updates to the NeuroStar software and TrakStar Patient Data Management System, a proprietary, HIPAA-compliant, patient management and outcomes reporting system for NeuroStar providers. For TrakStar, this marks the third update to the platform this year. NeuroStar's innovative software update is set to redefine the user experience for all legacy NeuroStar systems while maintaining the original workflow.

The enhancement includes a new user interface and software platform, ensuring a uniform, seamless experience across all devices. In addition to the NeuroStar software update, TrakStar's software is upgraded to significantly enhance patient care and practice management. The standout feature of this update is its ability to proactively notify NeuroStar providers when patients exhibit signs of relapse or experience changes in their mental health post-NeuroStar transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) treatment.

These real-time notifications empower practices to swiftly identify patients who may require a follow-up NeuroStar treatment or clinical evaluation. Additional TrakStar updates include improvements to the potential patient dashboard, allowing a more streamlined process to identify patients ready for consultation and review their clinical history of PHQ-10 surveys. Moreover, improved outcomes reporting within TrakStar offers practices versatile options for tracking individualized patient progress.

The NeuroStar software will be rolled out in phases during the 4th quarter, starting today. Simultaneously, the TrakStar software is now available to all customers.