Neuronetics, Inc. announced enhancements to the TrakStar Patient Data Management System, a proprietary, HIPAA-compliant, patient management and outcomes reporting system for NeuroStar transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) providers. The update introduces a range of automated features to improve communication between providers and their existing and prospective patients, while also saving practices time in recording and documenting results. This marks the second significant upgrade to the platform this year.

Included among the TrakStar developments are a customizable survey and patient check-in dashboard that fully automates scheduled health surveys and motivational messages for patients at various stages of their NeuroStar treatment. To facilitate seamless utilization of the automated SMS texting and email features, TrakStar makes it convenient to update patient contact details in one location. Additionally, a new export feature effortlessly shares or saves patient survey results if needed by insurance providers or for storing in an electronic medical record (EMR) system.

Other notable improvements in TrakStar include improved access to the potential patient dashboard for all staff members, expanded options for automated surveys, and new follow-up status choices for patient candidates. Additionally, NeuroStar's exclusive PHQ-10 tool, designed to survey new patient candidates and seamlessly integrate them into TrakStar, now allows patients to request immediate consultations, and customizable options for the practice's website and personal helplines within the survey results page.