Neuronetics, Inc. announced advancements to the TrakStar® Patient Data Management System, a proprietary, HIPAA-compliant, patient management and outcomes reporting system for providers using NeuroStar TMS (transcranial magnetic stimulation). The update introduces features to streamline the way practices track and document status for their potential and current patients. Included among the TrakStar developments are the ability to identify and filter potential patients by the contact method that led them to the practice, expanded methods for practices to update potential patient status, and the capability to identify reasons that existing and past patients ended treatment.

All the features are designed to save practices time, allowing them to focus more on direct patient care rather than administrative tasks. Another notable feature in this TrakStar release is a more robust Benefits Investigation report that provides practices with estimated patient financial responsibility prior to a patient beginning treatment. NeuroStar practices can now share this information with patients during the consultation process and provide immediate clarity in cost expectations from insurance providers.