Oslo, 7 May 2024: Option holders under NEXT Biometrics Group ASA's (the
"Company", OSE ticker: NEXT) share option programs have exercised a total of
258,000 options as set out below and as per the terms and conditions of the
Company's share option programs. The exercised options will be settled by
issuance of new shares in the Company. Of the 258,000 options exercised, 250,000
options were exercised at NOK 2.49 per option, and 8,000 options were exercised
at NOK 4.89 per option. The exercise price is equal to the volume weighted
average trading price of the shares in the Company quoted at Oslo Børs the last
five business days prior to the date of allocation of the respective options to
the option holder.

Further to the above, the board of directors of the Company has in a board
meeting held today, on 7 May 2024, resolved to increase the Company's share
capital with NOK 258,000 by the issuance of 258,000 new shares, each with a
nominal value of NOK 1.00. The share issue was resolved pursuant to an
authorization to increase the Company's share capital granted by the annual
general meeting of shareholders on 12 May 2023 for the purpose of facilitating
settlement of the exercised options. The exercise period for the options
commenced on 30 April 2024 at 10:00 hours (CEST) and ended today, on 7 May 2024,
at 10:00 hours (CEST).

All of the exercised options have been granted under the Company's share option
programs, as described in the Company's latest annual financial statements and
report, which is based on guidelines approved by the general meeting of

Following the registration of the share capital increase with the Norwegian
Register of Business Enterprises (Nw. Foretaksregisteret), the new share capital
of the Company will be NOK 104,701,012, divided into 104,701,012 shares, each
with a nominal value of NOK 1.00. The share capital increase will be registered
with the Norwegian Register of Business Enterprises as soon as practically
possible after the share contribution has been paid in full.

This information is subject to the disclosure requirements pursuant to section
5-12 of the Norwegian Securities Trading Act.

NEXT Investor contact:
Ulf Ritsvall (CEO), ulf.ritsvall@nextbiometrics.com
Eirik Underthun (CFO), eirik.underthun@nextbiometrics.com

About NEXT Biometrics
NEXT provides advanced fingerprint sensor technology that delivers uncompromised
security and accuracy for the best possible user experience in the payment and
fintech, government ID, access control and office and notebook markets. The
company's patented NEXT Active Thermal ® principle allows the development of
large, high-quality fingerprint sensors with superior security level. NEXT
Biometrics Group ASA is headquartered in Oslo, with sales, support, and
development operations in Seattle, Taipei, Tokyo, New Delhi and Shanghai.

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