Nexxen International Ltd. announced the expansion of its strategic partnership with TCL FFALCON. This expansion not only designates Nexxen's supply-side platform ("Nexxen SSP") as TCL's preferred supply platform partner, but also grants Nexxen SSP the opportunity to exclusively sell TCL's native display inventory, solidifying both companies' commitment to providing advertisers with opportunities to reach highly engaged audiences across screens globally. Last spring, Nexxen SSP (then known as Unruly) and TCL announced their initial partnership to expand premium TV inventory access globally.

The partnership granted advertisers direct access to impactful streaming supply in the TCL Channel, which includes popular entertainment, movies on-demand and live channels. Now, Nexxen will serve as the exclusive conduit for advertisers looking to tap into TCL's premium native display inventory as well as its CTV and OTT inventory, delivering unprecedented access to TCL's extensive and diverse user base to today's brands and advertisers.