NIIT Learning Systems Limited (NSEI:NIITMTS) is looking for acquisitions. Sapnesh Lalla said, "I would say if there was a way to look at us to predict our future that might help answer the question, so yes, we look at acquisitions that help create new capabilities or get us involved in new geographies or in new market segments. That's -- those are the 3 key areas that we look at when we look at an acquisition.

In terms of geographies, we are looking at expansion in Europe. So we will look at Continental Europe as a geography to open up through acquisitions. There are a number of capabilities that we've identified.

This would help into the share of wallet for our customers, and we would be looking at acquisitions to add those capabilities as well. Similarly, we've identified market segments that we want to penetrate such as automotive and others there, which we've identified for acquisition as well".