Nokia announced on Wednesday that it would be integrating an assistant powered by generative artificial intelligence (AI) into its NetGuard Cybersecurity Dome online security software.

The Finnish equipment manufacturer explains that this new tool should enable network operators and businesses to detect cyber-attacks more quickly and respond better to the strategies deployed by cybercriminals, who do not hesitate to use AI to launch more sophisticated maneuvers.

The assistant, based on Microsoft Azure OpenAI technology, will go on sale in the second quarter

Nokia expects it to reduce the time needed to identify and resolve a threat by up to 50%, depending on the nature of the cyberattack.

According to the group, the 'extended detection and response' (XDR) market is expected to grow at a rate of 150% over the next few years, from $965 million in 2022 to some $2.4 billion in 2027.

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