Nokia has announced the launch of its AI-based enterprise network training program in Japan.

The training program aims to develop and train network architects, accelerating the adoption of AI and network automation practices in Japan.

With its extensive expertise and leading portfolio of AI-based network solutions, Nokia will empower Japanese enterprises and communication service providers in the age of AI-based networks.

The AI-powered enterprise training program is part of Nokia's ongoing 2030 technology strategy to equip communication service providers, businesses and industries and prepare for the power of AI in the years to come.

Masahiro Okazaki, Head of Enterprise and Partners for Network Infrastructure at Nokia Japan, said: ' The rise of AI is a game-changer for the telecommunications industry, especially in leading markets like Japan. As companies move through the 5G era and prepare for 6G, investing in AI is not just an option, it's a strategic imperative. Nokia's AI-based enterprise network training program directly addresses this issue, enabling network architects to capitalize on this transformative technology.'

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