Nokia Oyj announced Network Exposure Platform, a new software offering that will expand and simplify the number of APIs available to operators, their partners, and customer channels to enable the creation of network powered applications for consumer, enterprise, and industrial customers. Nokia Network Exposure Platform (NEP) is the first implementation of the GSMA Operator Platform, a standard that operators look to for operational guidance and reflects the telco industry's need for solutions that satisfy the requirements of an array of API models. Nokia NEP, designed to be deployed with each service provider's network, will support Linux Foundation CAMARA APIs,TM Forum Open APIs, edge-based APIs, and other APIs for connecting networks securely to a broader B2B digitalization ecosystem.

Nokia NEP complements and seamlessly integrates with Nokia's Network as Code platform with developer portal, which aligns to the GSMA Open Gateway aggregator concept and provides a cloud-based platform to connect and monetize service provider networks with application developers around the world. Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) provide access to deep functionality and data within networks; allowing application developers to utilize those network capabilities to build new use cases for their customers. With the software functionality for creating new APIs and enhancing existing ones, Nokia NEP provides a unified, scalable, and secure solution for operators that facilitates seamless API service delivery and interoperability across one or more network environments.

Nokia NEP expands on and is designed to work closely with NokiaNetwork Exposure Function (NEF), another API-exposure related solution, which is based on 3GPP specifications. Nokia NEF provides a process forfacing with well-defined functions in the core network. It also enables API mashups to combine multiple APIs from different core functions into new simplified APIs, which are easier to integrate with partner and customer channels.

For existing Nokia NEF customers, it is possible to upgrade to a combined NEF and NEP solution to simplify their API ecosystem.