Nokia announced it is expanding its 6G commitment to India by partnering with the Indian Institute of Science (IISc) to jointly research 6G technologies and 6G use cases that will have a direct societal impact in India. Nokia and IISc will work together in Nokia's newly inaugurated 6G Lab in Bengaluru, where they will pursue three core areas of research: 6G radio technologies, 6G architecture and the application of machine learning into the 6G air interface. The collaboration will develop reference architectures, software frameworks and algorithms, with the aim of contributing their joint research to the 6G technology and standards ecosystem.

While the nature of their research is global, Nokia and IISc will place special focus on 6G use cases that address areas of particular importance to India. Those use case include: Creating more sustainable and energy-efficient communications systems; Improving resiliency and reliability of networks for critical communications; Using AI and developing "Network as Sensor" technologies to improve transportation safety, augment healthcare and increase access to education. By focusing on these use cases, Nokia and IISc can help shape the evolution of cellular infrastructure to meet the societal needs of large and developing countries like India, while contributing to the global 6G ecosystem as a whole.