Nokia has announced a major partnership with RENATER, France's national research and education network.

RENATER is the national research and education network for the deployment of data centers in Paris. It is responsible for the deployment and management of the national network infrastructure, as well as certain regional infrastructures, in order to connect research and teaching centers across mainland France and overseas territories.

Nokia will deploy its Data Center Fabric solution in Paris, in partnership with IMS Networks, one of France's leading providers of managed network and cybersecurity services.

RENATER will thus benefit from the latest functionalities to improve network infrastructure performance and resilience, automate operations for easier management, and create new services with AI.

Matthieu Bourguignon, senior vice president and head of Europe for network infrastructure activities at Nokia, said: ' We are honored to help support RENATER's transition to the booming field of AI and the promise it holds for educators and students throughout France. Nokia is delighted to partner IMS Networks with our Data Center Fabric solution, which is a key pillar in the evolution of network infrastructure and data center markets, dedicated to research, education and connected territories.'

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