(MT Newswires) -- Kasim Kutay, CEO of Novo Holdings, cites Novo Nordisk as the company's figurehead, thanks to robust sales of drugs such as Wegovy and Azempic. These financial results mean that Novo Holdings has a substantial cash reserve. Faced with this situation, the company is embarking on its new strategy, focused on expansion and the reinversion of cash flows to maintain attractive returns.

The $16.5 billion acquisition of Catalent is awaiting regulatory approval. Although this is a large transaction, it is part of a series of initiatives to increase manufacturing capacity to meet the growing demand for Novo Nordisk's obesity medicines.

In terms of future investments, while the Catalent purchase is a one-off, Novo Holdings is considering larger transactions to make effective use of future capital. The company remains focused on specific sectors where its life sciences expertise can add significant value.

The green transition is also at the heart of the 2030 strategy, with a planned increase in investment in green technologies from 2% to 10% by 2030. Novo Holdings is diversifying beyond bio-industries to include decarbonisation technologies and alternative solutions in recycling and packaging.

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