NOVONIX Limited announced that it is the latest member to join Accelerate, Canada's Zero-Emission Vehicle (ZEV) Supply Chain Alliance, in an effort to strengthen Canada's battery ecosystem and onshore supply chain at a pivotal moment for the industry. Joining Accelerate aligns with NOVONIX's vision of accelerating the adoption of clean energy by providing revolutionary solutions to the battery industry. NOVONIX has developed proprietary technology, including high energy efficiency continuous graphitization systems to produce synthetic graphite anode materials that meet the needs of industry leading battery manufacturers.

The company is also piloting a program that demonstrates the scalability of their all-dry cathode synthesis technology, aimed at reducing the cost and environmental impact of high energy density cathode materials. NOVONIX will help ensure the coalition speaks to work like this, including midstream testing and processing which is often overlooked, to help shape smart public policy and grow Canada's battery ecosystem.