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September 2023

Raymond James Briefing Presentation

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Investor Presentation, September 2023

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This Presentation contains estimates and information concerning our industry and our business, including estimated market size and projected growth rates of the markets for our products. Unless otherwise expressly stated, we obtained this industry, business, market, and other information from reports, research surveys, studies and similar data prepared by third parties, industry, and general publications, government data and similar sources. This Presentation also includes certain information and data that is derived from internal research. While we believe that our internal research is reliable, such research has not been verified by any third party.

Estimates and information concerning our industry and our business involve a number of assumptions and limitations. Although we are responsible for all of the disclosure contained in this Presentation and we believe the third-party market position, market opportunity and market size data included in this Presentation are reliable, we have not independently verified the accuracy or completeness of this third-party data. Information that is based on projections, assumptions and estimates of our future performance and the future performance of the industry in which we operate is necessarily subject to a high degree of uncertainty and risk due to a variety of factors, which could cause results to differ materially from those expressed in these publications and reports.

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InvestorRaymondPresentation,James, September2023023

Providing Revolutionary Solutions to the Battery Industry

Investment Highlights

Leading U.S. based battery materials and technology Company with lower carbon footprint

Large and growing market for battery materials supported by localization efforts

Intellectual property portfolio for synthetic graphite manufacturing and all-dry,zero-waste NMC cathode synthesis

Battery Technology Solutions provides competitive advantage to accelerate innovation

Customer and government financing support paving a path to profitability as a sector leader

Riverside Facility in Tennessee

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InvestorRaymondPresentation,James, September2023023

Competitive Advantage Through Synergistic Operating Structure

  • Leading domestic supplier of battery-grade synthetic graphite
  • Large scale and sustainable production to advance North American battery supply chain
  • Strategically positioned to accelerate clean energy transition through proprietary technology, advanced R&D and partnerships
  • Develops industry leading lithium- ion battery testing equipment while providing R&D services
  • Competitive intelligence from unparalleled visibility across the entire industry drive value-add opportunities
  • In-housetesting technology & data solutions accelerates rapid advancements compared to industry standard
  • Commercializing proprietary All- Dry Zero-Waste Cathode Synthesis technology
  • Process technology minimizes environmental impact while producing high performance materials
  • Pilot will demonstrate large-scale production of up to 10 tpa

BTS provides competitive advantage to remain industry leader and unlocks value-add opportunities

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InvestorRaymondPresentation,James, September2023023

CLICKNOVONIXTO EDITLocalizingMASTERtheTITLESyntheticSTYLEGraphite Supply Chain

NOVONIX Anode Material Progress & Advantages

Domestic Supply

Producing high-performance synthetic graphite materials sustainably for local supply of Tier 1 battery and OEM customers

High Performance

Our products are developed to meet or exceed Tier 1 EV OEMs specifications

Cleaner, More Efficient Technology

Produced with cleaner energy sources with virtually zero emissions and uses no harmful chemicals

Strategic Relationships

Leveraging close collaboration with partners and customers to bring our anode materials to market

Key Strategic Relationships & Highlights

  • Signed a Joint Research and Development Agreement (JDA) with LGES in June 2023
    • Upon completion of JDA, LGES has the option to purchase up to 50,000 tonnes of artificial graphite anode material over a 10-year period
    • LGES invested $30M in convertible notes
  • Supply Agreement with KORE Power scaling to ~12,000 tpa of anode material

MOU agreements with both Panasonic Energy and Samsung SDI for evaluation of NOVONIX materials

  • In August 2021, Phillips 66 made a $150 million strategic investment to become NOVONIX's largest shareholder and engaged PSX in technology development agreement
  • Partnership with Harper International, a domestic specialized furnace technology leader, developing and supplying NOVONIX with proprietary systems for thermal processing


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Nasdaq: NVX

Raymond James, September 2023


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