Nvidia has reached a remarkable milestone by becoming the first semiconductor company to surpass $3,000 billion in market capitalisation, a feat that underlines its leadership role in the burgeoning artificial intelligence (AI) sector. Analysts believe that the group's valuation is justified given the rapid growth in the company's revenues.

Indeed, the company saw its revenues soar by 200% in the last quarter, which naturally led to a sharp rise in its share price.

This rise has temporarily put Nvidia ahead of Apple in terms of market capitalisation, although the sustainability of this position remains to be seen. With a share split planned, interest from small shareholders could intensify, propelling the stock to new heights.

While the company continues to lead the way, other AI-related companies, such as HPE, are also seeing their share values rise. It remains to be seen whether the excitement around Nvidia will continue after the stock split, but for now the company is undeniably the powerhouse of the technology sector.

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