Ocumetics Technology Corp. provided an update on the status of preclinical studies for its first product, the Bionic Lens. Successful preclinical studies will be followed by Phase 1 human clinical trials, starting with a planned Proof-of-Concept study in the Fall of 2022.

Test the Bionic Lens retainer for structural integrity and ease of insertion by the surgeon. Test the Bionic lens retainer with a standard lens used in a typical cataract procedure. Test the Bionic Lens retainer and the Bionic Lens optic element together.

Commenced Oct. 22/21. Analysis completed in October 2021.

Scheduled to begin February 25, 2022. Scheduled to begin March 25, 2022. Study completed Oct/21.

Design improvements completed Dec/21. Research report expected June/22. Research report expected June/22.