The USD 70.1 support, currently tested, should allow Old Dominion Freight Line to rally again.

According to Surperformance© ratings, the company constitutes an opportunity for a trading strategy. Indeed, it is a growth company as the earnings expected for 2015 shows. Moreover, analysts are regularly revising upward their EPS estimates for 2015 and 2016 and have an optimistic target price at $84.2 (on average).

This situation gives credit to a potential technical rebound. Thus, the stock could find new energy and would rise towards the next USD 75.3 resistance. This area is also the convergence point of the 50 and 100-day moving average.

Considering technical and fundamental elements, it seems to be an appropriate timing to immediately open a long position on Old Dominion Freight Line in order to benefit from the USD 70.1 support area.
A first target price will be the USD 75.3 resistance, ie a potential of 6.8%. A stop loss order will be placed under the mid-term support currently tested. Only a breakdown of this level would validate a bearish trend.