One Click Group Limited announced that it has signed an Enterprise Agreement on the One Click Verify platform with Viridian Advisory. Viridian Advisory are a private wealth firm with financial advisors across Australia. Financial services businesses have a regulatory requirement to identify their clients a minimum of every 3 years (or on expiry of their identity document), as well as signing off that an Anti- Money Laundering ("AML") check has been performed.

One Click Verify automates this regulatory requirement, minimising the risk of regulatory breaches whilst reducing the risk of privacy/data breaches. Under the Enterprise Agreement, Viridian Advisory will use One Click Verify to verify the identity of their existing client base and new clients. The contract terms provide for a transactional based pricing model for digital verification of identity and AML checks and reports from One Click Verify.

The Enterprise Agreement is for three years, with additional three year options, subject to termination by Viridian at the end of a period by notice 30 days in advance of the period end date. Viridian Advisory are expected to have over 350 users on the platform, and will use it to digitally verify and maintain their client's identities. Viridian Advisory are driven by the purpose of helping their clients live the life they choose.

One Click Verify will help protect their clients' identities. Go live post implementation is scheduled for April 2023, when Viridian will commence using One Click Verify to digitally verify and maintain their clients' identities. Entry into the Enterprise Agreement with Viridian is a significant step for One Click Verify in adding over 350 users to the platform, and working with a trusted and respected brand within financial services.

This also contributes to validating the decision to create the One Click Verify platform.