One Click Crypto finalizes the development of the first version of its AI-powered yield aggregator and robo-advisor app that offers a comprehensive suite of features for DeFi portfolio management.

One Click Crypto is a blockchain development company that builds the next wave of DeFi products powered by AI technology and aimed at simple user experience.

One Click Crypto was launched in late 2019 as a software company for web3 asset management tools and launched its own automated trading app that allowed users to create trading bots powered by AI strategies on centralized exchanges like Binance. Since 2022, One Click Crypto is focused on DeFi markets and is now working on a set of tools that will improve the user experience when interacting with existing DeFi protocols.

Here are some of the unique features offered by the One Click Crypto robo-advisory app:

1 Dynamic Rebalancing: The platform understands the constantly changing yields in the DeFi space, and makes it easy for users to stay ahead of the curve. One Click Crypto allows its users to periodically reallocate their DeFi positions to the best-performing pools and strategies with just one click, maximizing their potential returns.

2 Cross-chain Routing: Navigating multiple protocols and chains can be overwhelming. The 1CC platform automatically converts and routes users' crypto to the relevant protocols, allowing them to farm yield on any chain without any hassle.

3 Customized Portfolios: 1CC AI robo-advisor creates custom portfolios tailored to users' unique goals and risk preferences, ensuring that their DeFi investments align with their financial objectives.

4 Unique Hosted Strategies: Users can diversify their portfolio with One Click's best-in-class traders, bots, and asset managers. Generate alpha not only through DeFi but also through the curated selection of high-performing strategies available at the 1CC app.

Why is there a need for a DeFi robo-advisor and yield aggregator?

The need for an AI-led yield aggregator is driven by the following challenges of the DeFi sphere:

*The current DeFi yield market is too fragmented.

*Process of discovering investment opportunities is a struggle even for crypto natives.

*Given the constantly-changing variable yields, monitoring and managing DeFi yield portfolio can feel like a full-time job.

*Existing aggregator apps don't provide an in-depth view of investment opportunities and risks.

*Protocol user experience is still far from being adopted by the mass market.

How it works?

One Click Crypto created a DeFi product that allows users to create a DeFi portfolio from 1,000+ existing DeFi pools & strategies with one click through a web3 non-custodial wallet.

With the aid of the AI robo-advisory feature, a created portfolio is customized and tailored to the user risk profile.

After creating a portfolio, a user may choose to invest into the offered protocols directly without any centralized custody.

Work algorithm:

1 User connects a wallet on the app

2 The One Click app analyzes the wallet on-chain transaction history to determine the user's investment profile

3 User enters additional information, such as investment targets, to provide a more accurate picture of their desired risk profile

4 One Click system recommends a portfolio of DeFi yield protocols and pools tailored to the user's profile

5 User may open a position directly on the offered pools through his/her web3 non-custodial wallet, such as Metamask

6 From time to time, the system automatically suggests portfolio rebalancing taking into account the variable yields and additional external factors such as the current market situation.

Advantages of the new solution

*Access to A-tier DeFi yield strategies and protocols in one place

*Simple and user-friendly UX that allows users to create a DeFi portfolio in One Click

*AI-powered robo-advisor that helps to customize the portfolio to the user's preferences

*Dynamic portfolio rebalancing to boost the yield generation even in the case of variable APRs and changing market conditions.

What's next?

Using some of the funds raised during the previous investment round, One Click Crypto launched a token buyback program for its existing token OBT, whereby the company will purchase OBT directly from the open market from OBT/BNB pool on PancakeSwap daily for the next 4 months.

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