Open Lending Corporation has launched a partner integration with Automatic, a platform that connects automotive lenders with independent, used vehicle dealerships. The partnership will help Lenders Protection? users to grow their indirect lending relationships by delivering instant, accurate decisions to dealers within a single platform.

Automatic?s turn-key solution combines a dealer portal with an indirect LOS to connect lenders to a network of 2,700 independent dealerships. The collaboration aims to bring added efficiency and flexibility to Lenders Protection? customers via a user-friendly platform.

The streamlined approach enhances operational efficiency and reduces decision-making timelines, contributing to a more responsive lending ecosystem. Lenders can seamlessly integrate with Automatic in two ways: by leveraging Automatic's LOS capabilities or opting to ?bring their own? LOS.

This flexibility allows financial institutions to adapt their approach, making Automatic a versatile option as either a complement or replacement for existing indirect programs based on their specific requirements.