Otovo is making changes to its executive management team. Otovo is creating three new senior management roles that consolidate the functions of sales, operations and field operations across the group. At the same time the four regional Managing Directorships are discontinued, leading to a leaner and sharper organization.

After completing a phase of geographic expansion, this reorganization underlines Otovo?s focus shifting to sales and operational excellence, led by strong functional leaders. The General Managers responsible for Otovo?s 13 markets will report to the Chief Revenue Officer, while the European Operations Center in Madrid will fall under the Chief Operating Officer?s remit. The Chief Field Operations Officer will enhance the interactions between digital platform and the physical presence on the ground in key markets.

These changes are in line with the cost reduction program implemented in the last six months, and continues the transformation of Otovo towards a platform that can address customers anywhere in Europe from a joint and flexible, low-cost operational base. The new management structure will be as follows from 12 June: Chief Executive Officer, Andreas Thorsheim, Chief Financial Officer, Petter Ulset, Chief Product Officer, Simen F. Jørgensen, Chief Marketing Officer, Sasha Berson, Chief Field Operations Officer, Paulina Ackermann (new), Chief Operating Officer, Jean Rosado (new), and Chief Revenue Officer, Fabio Stefanini (new). As of June 12, 2024, Inigo Amoribieta will leave Otovo.

Amoribieta has been the General Manager for Spain, and since 2022 Managing Director for Spain, UK and Portugal.