OXE Marine announced a strategic collaboration with UFLEX introducing UFLEX, Integra as a control system alternative within the parts and accessories product range offer. OXE Marine products will be available with UFLEX control systems from late October 2023. This collaboration brings together OXE Marine's innovative diesel outboard range with UFLEX's advanced Integra steering control system, featuring digital communication, commonly known as "fly by wire." The Integra system, specially designed for outboard motors, leverages the latest technology to provide exceptional performance and versatility.

Key components of the system include large and small hydraulic pumps, joysticks, autopilot compatibility, a variety of cylinder configurations, tie bars, NEMA communication, and soon fully electric options. The control system will be compatible with the full OXE product range and can be retrofitted to existing installations as well as new installations. UFLEX products are highly regarded as originally installed equipment on top boat brands worldwide, and their extensive network of distributors ensures wide accessibility in the aftermarket.

The collaboration between OXE Marine and UFLEX is expected to result in innovative product designs and an unwavering commitment to quality and customer service.