Oracle and Palantir announced a partnership to provide secure cloud and AI solutions aiming to power businesses and governments around the world. Oracle's distributed cloud and AI infrastructure, combined with Palantir's leading AI and decision acceleration platforms, will help organizations maximize the value of their data?which will contribute to increasing efficiency, addressing sovereignty requirements, and help them outpace adversaries. As part of the agreement, Palantir will move Foundry workloads to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

Palantir will also make its Gotham and AI Platforms deployable across Oracle's distributed cloud: in public cloud regions; Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Dedicated Regions; Oracle Alloy; Oracle EU Sovereign Cloud; Oracle Government Cloud; Oracle Roving Edge, and Oracle's air-gapped regions for defense and intelligence customers. Oracle's vast cloud footprint and sovereign AI capabilities will allow more organizations to use Palantir's leading platforms for data integration and decision-making. Oracle and Palantir are proving there is no trade-off.

Organizations can have the best cloud infrastructure, cloud applications, and AI while meeting the highest sovereignty and security standards. Palantir Artificial Intelligence Platform (AIP) enables organizations to bring the power of large language models to their enterprise networks, private data, and core operations ? with maximum security and trust.

The platform is designed to bring together disconnected data sources, logic assets, and systems of action into a single common operating picture. Oracle's AI strategy, including its wide range of partners, provides generative AI services and infrastructure that extend Palantir's AI capabilities to help customers accelerate decision-making. Oracle's long history in defense and intelligence provides a depth of experience and technology critical to the success of high-stakes missions.

Together, Oracle and Palantir will bring powerful new capabilities to the defense industry.