Paramount decides to merge with Skydance, marking the end of the Redstone era. The merger raises concerns among non-voting shareholders, who appear reluctant to support the deal. The sale of shares is raising questions, not least because of the uncertainty surrounding the finalisation of the deal. There is a period during which other parties could still become involved, with figures such as Barry Dillard and Edgar Bronfman showing potential interest.
Regulators still need to approve the merger, and investors remain cautious about whether it will go ahead. If the merger goes ahead, it could bring significant benefits. Jeff Schell, renowned for his operational skills, will play a crucial role in integrating the company's activities. David Ellison, described as a visionary owner, is focusing on strengthening the company's core competencies in storytelling and technology adaptation.
Ellison stresses the importance of adapting to new definitions of powerful storytelling, influenced by platforms such as YouTube, which attract hundreds of millions of viewers every week. The merger should also enable Paramount to better exploit direct-to-consumer technologies and artificial intelligence, which are essential in today's media landscape. In addition, the deal includes significant cost savings and investment in innovative content initiatives driven by technology.

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