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Benefits Of Using A Water Treatment Service For Your Home

The journey from "hmm, my water tastes weird" to complete water confidence has many stops along the way. You need to identify the issues or contaminants in your home water, choose the right system (or systems) for your needs and budget, install water treatment systems that connect to your plumbing, and educate yourself on maintenance. These steps keep your system delivering great-tasting water for years.

For families and homeowners with a packed schedule, relying on trusted water filter or water softener service providers is the perfect solution for a water quality one-stop-shop. If you're ready for water that wows but are intimidated by the process, allow us to introduce you to peace of mind.

Advantages of Professionally Scheduled Maintenance

Water treatment service providers deliver white glove service and helpful know-how through every stage of the water treatment process. From discovering your water profile to swapping out your filters when it's time, water treatment experts keep your water treatment on track.

Here are the three reasons you should consider a water treatment service for your home.

#1 Avoid Costly Repairs

We get it - life can get hectic. When water system maintenance falls by the wayside, systems can deteriorate in filtration or softening quality. This lack of upkeep can lead to issues with your water tank, water pressure, and other water-using appliances such as the dishwasher and washing machine. Water treatment repairs can be costly, which is why many people sign up for end-to-end water treatment services. Routine maintenance can help you avoid a steep repair bill.

#2 Free Commercial-Grade Water Test

When you decide to invest in a whole-home water treatment solution or a specialized filter system for your tap, you want to know you are treating the source of your water woes. In-home water treatment consultations like ours include a free commercial-grade water test to let you discover your water profile quickly.

#3 Multi-Point Inspection

Water treatment systems are impressive, complex feats of engineering with many parts. Many water treatment service packages include multi-point inspections so that you know every component of your system is in working order.

A home water expert will:

  • Check system performance and adjust settings
  • Check for leaks
  • Wipe and polish tanks
  • Clean area (remove leaves, spider webs, etc.)
  • Confirm electronic head programming (if applicable)
  • Confirm electronic head cycles (if applicable)
  • Confirm function of bypass valves
  • Replace sediment filter
  • Sanitize applicable systems
Pentair's White Glove Service Offerings

We make it easy to keep your water softening and filtration systems running smoothly with our White Glove Service preventative maintenance service programs.


Once a year, a home water expert will replace your system's seal and piston. They will also conduct a full inspection to ensure your water treatment system is in working order. The annual package is a dependable choice when you have standard water quality and a system that requires yearly filter replacements.


Some systems include filters that should be replaced every 6 months. When you have one of these systems or have water quality that may deplete your filters faster than usual, consider our affordable bi-annual package. Seal and piston replacement along with thorough, personalized maintenance.


Enjoy Pentair's White Glove Service four times a year for total confidence in your home water. Recommended for homes on well pump systems, a quarterly package ensures that your water treatment system doesn't experience a dip in performance in any season. This package includes two seal replacements a year and one piston replacement.

When you want better water without any hassle, sign up for Pentair's White Glove Service package that best services your products and budget.

Are you ready to reimagine your home water quality but unsure where to start? Schedule a free home water treatment consultationtoday to finally know what's in your water.


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