Pernod Ricard and ecoSPIRITS announce entering a new stage in their relationship with a five-year global licensing agreement to enable the distribution of Pernod Ricard?s spirits brands in ecoSPIRITS? circular packaging technology to on-trade venues around the world. This collaboration, which builds on the learnings of a pilot in Singapore late 2022, aims to further promote circularity in the spirits industry, a core priority of Pernod Ricard?s 2030 Sustainability and Responsibility roadmap ?Good Times from a Good Place?.

With ecoSPIRITS, the products are transported in bulk and delivered to hospitality venues in a fully reusable 4.5-litre glass ecoTOTE? container, thus reducing waste and carbon emissions resulting from the production and transportation of bottles and other secondary packaging. The relationship between the two companies began with a pilot programme in Singapore where Pernod Ricard deployed ecoSPIRITS' closed loop packaging technology with several of its iconic brands.

This pilot was instrumental in identifying the practical challenges and opportunities of circular distribution, providing Pernod Ricard with invaluable insights into operational, technological, and sustainability aspects critical for scaling up circular packaging solutions. The pilot in Singapore was then followed by a first local market deployment under the new global agreement, with the introduction of a closed loop system for Havana Club rum in the brand?s home market of Cuba. The new system has been consolidated at an industrial level, with a dedicated ecoPLANT?

at Havana Club?s distillery in San José de las Lajas. The initiative in Cuba anticipates concrete outcomes, including reduced bottle imports and glass waste, which will translate into an 88% reduction of the carbon emissions footprint related to premium spirits packaging and distribution and a reduction of glass waste by 99%.