Plantronics Unveils Source Code to Address WebRTC Audio Integration via Wearable Tech

Company CTO, Joe Burton, to Keynote at WebRTC Conference and Expo

Santa Cruz, Calif. - November 28, 2012- Playing to its strength of delivering communications firsts, Plantronicstoday unveiled source code that integrates headset functionality for WebRTC(Web Real-Time Communications) environments, including call control and contextual data such as proximity and state information. Plantronics CTO, Joe Burton, will provide more details about these breakthroughs during his keynote at the WebRTC Conference and Expo, taking place today at the South San Francisco Conference Center.

Although it's currently possible to use a Bluetooth® headset for a WebRTC call, it requires a high level of manual interaction - including hardcoding sample rates or direct configuration in the browser - that still doesn't deliver fully integrated functionality. Plantronics' solution eliminates these steps through native integration with WebRTC using HTML5 only, leveraging websockets to integrate Plantronics' headsets and the company's Spokes™ software into the WebRTC call flow. The use of standard websocket communications means important information about the headset, such as audio sample rate, can be dynamically set by the web application. All of this is accomplished without any additional software (plug-ins) running in the browser.

Sample code for Plantronics' WebRTC integration is available free of charge atGitHuband can also be accessedthrough the Plantronics developer community: Plantronics Developer Connection (PDC).Additionally, WebRTC Conference and Expo attendees are invited to stop by the Plantronics booth to see a demonstration first-hand, featuring input from Plantronics, Mozilla, and Cisco.

"Plantronics has been at the forefront of groundbreaking communications innovation for decades and integration with WebRTC is no exception," said Joe Burton, CTO and SVP of technology, development and strategy, Plantronics. "WebRTC is poised to explode as a vehicle for improvements in business workflow and consumer engagement alike, and we're excited to be a part of the effort as it begins to take off."

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