BERLIN (dpa-AFX) - Associations have called on the coalition government to pass the planned solar package quickly. Bärbel Heidebroek, President of the German Wind Energy Association, appealed to the coalition in Berlin on Wednesday to finally complete the parliamentary process on the package and pass this important legislative package. The German Association of Energy and Water Industries also called on the coalition to speed things up. Managing Director Kerstin Andreae said that it seemed strange that the solar package was to be coupled with the Climate Protection Act.

Members of parliament from the SPD, Greens and FDP have been negotiating the so-called solar package and a reform of the Climate Protection Act for months. Among other things, the solar package provides for the removal of bureaucratic hurdles to the expansion of solar energy. In the case of the Climate Protection Act, it is reportedly disputed what responsibilities ministries will still have in future if CO2 reduction targets are missed. Neither bill is on the Bundestag's agenda this week.

Andreae pointed out that the German government also wanted to transpose a European Renewable Energy Directive into German law in the solar package. This contains a number of regulations that could significantly accelerate the expansion of onshore wind energy. One elementary component is the regulation on the conversion of existing wind energy areas into so-called acceleration areas. Time is pressing so that a European deadline of 21 May can still be met./hoe/DP/mis